Do Football Gloves Really Help?

Often times we see football players, both amateur and professional, sporting gloves during their contests seemingly to make a fashion statement. Style has become a huge part of sports and football gloves are just one way that players can make themselves stand out. Nowadays, players have a choice between standard, solid-color gloves and crazy designs that help them show off their sense of style.  

What is a Back Plate and Why is it Needed

Safety is the most important aspect of the game of football. From pee wee football all the way to the professional ranks, keeping your body healthy allows you to play the game you love. There are the more obvious pieces of safety equipment, like a helmet, shoulder pads and even knee pads – all of which are required and do the bulk of the work in keeping you safe.

Importance of Ball Security

Receiving the ball is one thing but holding on to the ball is another. Some even consider ball security statistics second in importance only to the score of the game. Stats such as interceptions, fumbles, and turnover margin are often used to explain outcomes of games. As every running back and wide receiver knows, ball security = job security.

How to Mold a Mouthguard

A mouthguard is an important piece of equipment for football and any other contact sport. Properly fitting the guard against your teeth makes wearing one much safer , more comfortable and improves performance.

How to Make Football Gloves Sticky Again

Although they aren’t magic – you still need talent and training – sticky football gloves can give you an edge. If you know how to make football gloves sticky, catching the football will be much easier. Not too long ago, NFL wide receivers applied Stick-Um not only to their hands, but often to their arms, legs, and uniforms. However, Stick-Um, pine tar, and other many other adhesives are no longer “legal."